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What to Know Before Your Renovation

Be patient.
Because of the confined area, it’s not possible to have an entire team of workers inside at one time.  Expect that the renovation will happen in phases rather than all at once. First, the demolition team will come in, then the framers, then the plumbers, and finally the electricians. Before the walls are closed and tiled, there will also be an inspection.


Don't buy on price alone.

There are no great deals or bargains in home improvement. If a contractor gave you a price for a project that is too good to be true or a lot less than all other contractors, first check the scope of work and grade of materials. Most likely you’re not on the same page or he will cut any corner possible or even worse he is what we call a low baller ~ he might be cheap now but wait until he starts the project~ be ready for some costly surprises. It will cost you much more to fix someone else’s poor workmanship (sometimes more than double) than to hire the right contractor from the get go.

Don't Assume Anything

Do not assume anything when it comes to your remodeling project. Make sure your contractor knows exactly what you want or need, show him photos, colors, door knobs, tile, door overlay etc..  To assume he knows what’s in your mind is not recommended, especially if the mistake can cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Be a Part of the Solution

Contractors and remodelers are good in fixing and building stuff and they may also know how to cover things like furniture, floors and carpets.  However, covering furniture to protect them is not their expertise ( unfortunately), so do yourself a favor and try to pitch in. If possible clear their path from small objects that might get damaged during demolitio.  Try to help by covering your belongings or closets.  Once the project commences, your contractor will be more involved and concerned with craftsmanship and less about dust.  Just an FYI... dust is like water.  It will get in the smallest cracks. You can try to minimize the problem but it will never be 100% dust free.

Change Your Air Filters

If you are having any work done that can produce some dust, change your air filters during and after your home renovation. You wouldn’t believe the amount of dust you will find in your filters during a renovation. You can do real damage to the HVAC system if you do not keep the air moving well with nice, clean filters.

Your House...Your Rules.

If you have any rules or dislikes, it’s very important that you will let your contractor know ahead of time. For example, no smoking in or around your home or no alcoholic beverages (yes some people are that stupid).  Or perhaps there maybe areas around the house that are off limits, or even no foul language in or around the house, or I want the house to be spotless every end of day (this will cost a few dollars) etc..  It is best to lay down your rules on the table ahead of time to prevent future conflicts or problems.

Speak Up

If for some reason you see something you may not be pleased, either with performance or employee behavior, please let your contractor know as soon as possible.  For example, if you the painter happens to paint the wrong wall or even the wrong color, it is better to fix it sooner and get it resolved before it's too late.  Let your contractor know immediately (it will be greatly appreciated).

Get it in Writing

Get every little detail of the home renovation in writing from your contractor up front, before you sign on the dotted line. It will not only save you and him time but would also protect the both of you of potential problems. Ultimately, it will make the renovation go a lot more smoothly.

Workers are People Too

During your kitchen or bathroom remodel, your contractor and his crew are going to spend some time in your house and around your belongings.  Try to make them feel welcome. For example, offer them a glass of cold water or a soda and just treat them with as much respect as you would want them to treat you (remember your most valuable possession is in their hands).  Believe me, a little act of kindness will go a long way. I could guarantee you they will try harder to please you.


NOW, if your contractor is not listening to your comments or requests, or disrespecting you or your property, or not delivering what he promised, or doing a poor job, set up an emergency meeting with him and make sure he addresses your problems and concerns. If this does not help just show him the door.



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