Questions To Ask Your Remodeling Contractor

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Starting a remodeling project can be nerve racking and overwhelming.  Here are a few questions you should ask of your remodeling contractor:

How long have they been in the remodeling business?

It normally takes a few years to build and establish a company that is both financially sound and reputable in the community.

Can they provide references from previous customers?

In the same way that most employers ask for references when considering a new hire - so should you; when thinking of hiring a contractor.  Previous customers can provide you with a lot of information and help ease any concern you may have about your contractor's ability.

Does the contractor have a portfolio or can they show you a current project?

Sometimes seeing is believing.  Check for quality of workmanship and material.  If something stands out this is a great opportunity to clarify any concerns or questions with the contractor.

Will the contractor provide you with a written contract?

A written contract will benefit and protect you (and the contractor) from future headaches.   Make sure the contract is clearly written and detailed.  Review the contract thoroughly.  

Are they members in good standing of professional associations?

Check professional references like the Better Business Bureau( or the Greater Houston Builders Association(; they can inform you of any complaints or issues with the company.

Remember that the best time to ask any question is prior to project start.  It is normal to have questions and want to know more; a good remodeling contractor should be able to answer your questions and ease your concerns.  Not asking these questions can lead to mishaps down the road and can derail your remodeling project.




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