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23 The kitchen is the most used room in the house, so I’ve compiled some kitchen storage ideas that will make yours function amazingly well. Beautiful cabinetry, countertops, backsplashes and lighting are key exterior elements, but be sure to give consideration to what goes inside your cabinets. Interior design details matter! Choose accessories and storage components that will enhance your life in the kitchen and make it extremely functional. The key to storage is efficiently using the available space, and the right storage accessories will make daily life efficient and rewarding. Here are some ideas for customizing your pantry and kitchen storage.


1) Vary the sizes of drawers, pullouts, and shelves to allow the storage to meet your needs.When you can adjust your shelf heights to fit the exact items you are organizing, the cabinet will be much more efficient. Shelves sized for the height of serving platters will keep everything in its place. A row of shallow drawers might be much more functional for you than a cabinet with open shelves. Again, do an analysis of what you need to store while planning the kitchen design. 



2) Find great canisters! Stylish canisters are always a perfect addition to the countertop or the pantry. Glass jars are a great way to easily see the bin’s contents.



3) Tray dividers are a must. Every kitchen has cupcake trays, cookie sheets, platters, and cutting boards. A cabinet or two with vertical tray dividers is a must have in every kitchen


4) Install taller cabinetry if you have the ceiling height. If you can swing it, use taller kitchen cabinets that are either 42” in height or custom make a taller cabinet exactly to your ceiling height. The higher space is perfect for storing things you use less often.



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